The Excellence Foundation was set up to provide a formal channel for the work already being carried out by The Excellence Collection since the year 2000. As part of our ongoing commitment to support our local communities and citizens in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica, with a view to fostering humanitarian efforts aimed at providing direct aid and education.


At Excellence we strongly believe that the future of tourism depends on how companies embrace sustainability in their services and within its organization. Maintaining the landscape, cultural heritage and the environment, are vital to keep the balance in the destinations, and take responsibility for the impact of all our actions.


Among the years, the Excellence Foundation has been taking part in many projects and contributed to various education programs.




  • Donation of a garbage truck to the municipality of Isla Mujeres
  • Support to the Office of the Municipality Continental Zone (placing hurricane shutters).
  • Audiovisual equipment to the Health Department of the Municipality of Isla Mujeres
  • Donations to: The Center for Learning support ‘Amor a la niñez A.C.’ Isla Mujeres, Municipal Institute of the Women in Quintana Roo, Puerto Juarez Parish, and the National Red Cross.
  • Specialization Scholarships
  • Child sponsorship through the program ‘Lazos’
  • Toys donation to San Jose Orphanage
  • Donation of mattresses, towels, sheets, slippers and gift baskets to the Puerto Morelos Community
  • Monetary donation to the following institutions: CRIT, San Jose de Puerto Morelos parish, home of the elderly ‘Ciudad de la Alegría’, Puerto Morelos Fire Department, Adolfo Lopez Mateos School in Puerto Morelos and Caritas
  • Donation of towels and sheets to the nursing home ‘Nuestra Sra. de la Altagracia’
  • Distributing thousands of towels, sheets, mattresses, slippers, etc, at parishes, schools, old people´s homes and hospitals for the mentally ill in the Dominican Republic
  • Sole sponsor of the Heart National Training Agency in Jamaica
  • Donation of floors tiles to the Montecristo Rehabilitation Centre in the Dominican Republic.
  • Improvements made tit he Cancun technical college with an investment of $10,000.
  • Donation of gift baskets for different raffles held by the parish of Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • Donation of towels and sheets to the parish of Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • Donation of clothes to victims of flooding in Tabasco Mexico
  • Donation in the Christmas´ bell organized by the Town country of Falmouth / Trelawny
  • Participation in the Spanish Jamaica Foundation
  • Participation in Make a Wish Foundation


  • Support for Fundación Hombre in Spain
  • Support for the Fundación Campaner for the eradication of Noma
  • Social meals at the parish of Laguna de Nisibon in the Dominican Republic
  • Repair work carried out on sports courts in villages around Uvero Alto, in the Dominican Republic
  • Support to the Office of the Continental Zone Town Country (anticyclone curtains)
  • Support to the “East Central St James Fund” Foundation linked to the Ministry of Tourism
  • Get together and delivering of toys to the children of the “Casa Hogar San José”
  • In order to contribute to the social development of employees, open education classes, English classes, lectures and training social type generally taught. Monthly recognizes the best partners for the joint achievements.


  • 97% of the suppliers of products and services for the operation of the hotel are local and only 3% are foreign suppliers.
  • The program of Solid Waste (MSW) has allowed separating and sending to recycling over 350,000 pounds of PET & HDPE plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass, organic waste and scrap.
  • 99% of the cleaning chemicals used in the departments of Housekeeping, Public Areas, Laundry, Kitchen and SPA are biodegradable. Also two of the cleaning products used in the housekeeping department have the green tag: Green Seal.
  • In order to preserve the ecosystem, beach cleanups and mangrove area and reforestation activities for all employees of the hotel are made; and campaigns for the preservation of sea turtles and blue crabs.
  • Each hotel has a Water Treatment Plant which is used to take advantage of all the water used on site to irrigate the gardens.
  • Towel Change Programme has help to avoid washing around 300,000 towels a year
  • In October 2010, the New Nursery Zone which is now the largest was opened. This nursery will allow us to reproduce a greater number of species. During 2010, there were 4,884 plants in the nursery area, and from those, they were planted 4,314 plants in the hotel gardens.
  • Implementation of an Automation in ctrical System and A / C in order to reduce the power consumption.


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