In a constant effort to excel in our daily operations The Excellence Collection has replaced disposable plastic items with biodegradable materials consisting of recycled woods along with different types of starch from corn, avocado, and agave for a more sustainable operation. Here are just a few of the changes:

  • Straws are completely eliminated.
  • Coffee and other drinks are served in cups made of biodegradable materials, or a glass if the guest prefers.
  • Plastic drink stirrers have been replaced by wood drink stirrers. 
  • Plastic ice cream spoons and other plastic utensils have been replaced with more environmentally friendly materials.

Plastic contamination is among the biggest threats our oceans currently face, and we are taking action to not only reduce its imprint but to preserve our natural resources and improve mother earth’s future.


The coral reefs, tropical rain forests and unspoiled coastline are what makes this corner of the world, one of nature’s best works. It is a breathtaking gift that Excellence never takes for granted, and that is why Caribbean environmental protection is one of our top priorities.

Guests can be assured we take every possible measure to assist in the preservation of the beauty that graces our pristine locations. Our commitment to environmental protection starts with the responsible development of our land and a mindfulness of its effects on the Caribbean’s sensitive ecosystem and tropical rainforests.

Our hotels have been recognized every year since 2010 with EarthCheck, The World Leader Organization in Sustainable Tourism Certifications in more than 70 countries; reinforcing its commitment to environmental protection and community engagement.

The program seeks sustainable operation where the environmental impact is minimized without affecting comfort of our guest experience.

The performance areas of an Environmental Management System are: 

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Energy Conservation and Management.
  • Management of Water Resources.
  • Ecosystem Conservation and Management.
  • Cultural and Social Management.
  • Planning developments and land management.
  • Protection of air quality and noise control.
  • Management of sewage.
  • Waste management.
  • Storage of Hazardous Substances to the environment.

Actions performed in the hotels:

  • Towels change program, inviting guests to use their towels more than once through a serie of cards in the rooms. Thus saving large amounts of water, energy and resources. Statistics indicate that a high% of customers make use of this suggestion.
  • The suites have been automated with motion sensors for the light equipment and air conditioning. The air conditioning is turned off automatically if the balcony door is open.
  • Installation of low energy light bulbs in hallways, buildings and areas in general.
  • Beach Clean-Up initiative. At our hotels, we pay special attention and care to maintain and preserve one of the finest attractions of nature, our beaches.
  • Our hotels use 100% biodegradable cleaning products to minimize the use of chemicals that cause a high environmental impact.
  • There are 21 species of native plants in the gardens of our hotel, among these we can find the Palm Chit, which is considered as threatened species according to NOM-059ECOL-2001. (HOTELS OF MEXICO).
  • We count with a separation and Management Program for municipal solid wastes and HW (Hazardous Waste), which seeks to reduce the generation of waste generated in the operation through reuse and recycling.

  • Social Sustainability: community contributions are made in several actions, emphasizing in-kind donations as well as support for foundations, nursing homes and NGOs (Red Cross, CRIT, firefighters, etc.).
  • For their best performance of their duties, all staff is trained in general. Training courses on aspects of service, food and water quality, environmental, health, risk prevention, etc.
  • Disseminate and preserve our customs, all Mexican parties and traditions are shared with our guests and associates as an important part of maintaining the cultural heritage of the area: Mexican themed parties, Independence of Mexico, Day of the Dead, as well as the other most representative activities of our culture.
  • Participation in the Turtle Protection Program (Excellence Riviera Cancun), through an alliance with CONANP “National Commission of Natural Protected Areas”; through this alliance, it has been built a turtle pen at the beach hotel where the preservation and protection of the turtle eggs is our main goal. If a guest visits this hotel during turtle nesting season he/she can participate in the release of the baby turtles.
  • Our hotels have met the standards and criteria required by EarthCheck, so SECTUR has provided the distinctive “S”, while the validity of the certification is maintained (Excellence Riviera Cancun & Excellence Playa Mujeres for 2 years).