Extraordinary Moments, Made to Keep

At The Excellence Collection, a personal and curated approach to luxury gives you an experience that will last well beyond your stay. Scattered throughout the Caribbean’s most brilliant beaches, the resorts in our collection have the perfect setting where you can finally spend the time you need with the people you love. You’ll experience a vacation with a heightened All Inclusive plan featuring services that go well beyond the norm, paired with oversized suites where you can give in to complete rest every night. With every detail taken care of, you can focus on creating those memories you’ve been craving.



We consistently evolve and upgrade our varied offerings, creating an enveloping experience of luxury you will never forget. By thoughtfully curating an indulgent and relaxing vacation, we are committed to helping you create lasting memories to take home with you. We stay ahead of the curve in food, mixology, entertainment, and wellness, doing away with all limits to your comfort and enjoyment, for an experience to remember.



We bring a human touch to everything we do, offering luxury that feels personalized and tailored to each guest. Our service philosophy is a commitment to coming together as a team to create an authentic, intimate experience that is as friendly and welcoming as family. Through beautiful accommodations, empathetic and attentive staff, and the highest ethical standards, we create seamless All Inclusive vacations.

The Excellence Collection resort with rooftop pool suite



We designed The Excellence Collection to show you the time of your life. Balancing your desire for adventure with the relaxation you deserve, we take care of everything so you can fully experience an exotic paradise, on your terms. Whether you want an active itinerary or more of an unwind, every moment with us is yours — and we are here to give you the vacation of your dreams.