At The Excellence Collection, we strive to provide each and every guest with our signature Bespoke Service, especially in light of the current travel restrictions resulting from the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). 

To this end, we have put together the information you need regarding current and future reservations at our collection of Caribbean hotels and resorts. With the information below, we hope to alleviate your concerns and make it easier for you to enjoy your dream vacation with us at a future date.


I heard your properties are temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 situation. What are your reopening dates?

You can see our most up-to-date reopening dates in the chart below:

What is the Covid-19 situation like in your destinations right now?

The number of new daily cases in Jamaica are already going down, while in the Dominican Republic and the Mexican Caribbean they have reached a plateau. We expect to see numbers continue to go down over the following weeks, as they have done in countries that went through this situation before us.

As for employees, we have a hardworking team staying in quarantine at each hotel, led by the property’s General Manager, to maintain our grounds and facilities in their usual pristine condition. The rest of our employees are doing their best to stay isolated and stay safe at home. We thank all of our guests for their concern for us, and we hope you are staying healthy and safe, as well. 

Once you reopen, will your hotels and resorts be taking extra precautions for hygiene and cleanliness to protect guests and staff?

Yes! Our new Health & Safety Committee is already working to create a new list of standards. Click here to see a first look at our new health and safety protocols.

Guests who have stayed with us before know that we have always implemented high standards in safety, health, hygiene, and cleanliness throughout our properties. Upon reopening, we will of course continue with the same high standards as always, along with these new standards, measures, and processes to keep our guests and staff safe and comfortable.


Are you sure the hotels will reopen on their scheduled reopening dates? My trip is coming up in a few months, should I reschedule?

We keep a very, very close eye on everything happening in travel right now and in the future. As a result, we have chosen those dates after carefully analyzing many factors in the Covid-19 situation and the travel industry as a whole; our scheduled reopening dates reflect that we are very hopeful we will be able to open our doors at that time.

Of course, the reopening dates are subject to change, taking into account the latest travel restrictions in the home countries of our guests and in our own destinations.

In the event that we might need to change our reopening dates, we would let all of our guests know in advance and offer whatever assistance you need to reschedule.


What is your cancellation policy? I want to book a new stay at your hotel, but I am worried that the Covid-19 situation will make me have to cancel later on. 

To help our guests feel comfortable booking new stays, we have made our flexible cancellation policy even more flexible in case you have to change your travel plans. 

For all new reservations, your booking will have penalty-free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival date. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be considered no-shows or late cancellations, and will be charged in full. Keep in mind that you might be subject to penalties with your credit card.


Your properties are temporarily closed during my travel dates. I want to reschedule my stay, but I’m not sure when I will be able to travel. What should I do?

We know this is an uncertain time for everyone, which is why we are offering flexibility to let you keep your vacation with The Excellence Collection. Each of our properties has a special rescheduling offer for everyone whose dates were directly affected by our temporary closing dates. (Please note that guests at Excellence Riviera Cancun and Beloved Playa Mujeres with an arrival date between July 1 and August 27, 2020 have been automatically reaccommodated at Excellence Playa Mujeres.) 

Best of all, you can reschedule now, and if you run into travel complications later on, you can still reschedule your dates one more time while keeping the same offer and your rate. No need to worry!

See our 2020 Offer and 2021 Offer for rescheduling an affected stay. 

These offers apply to guests who booked directly or through a third party.

I have already tried to reschedule my booking through a third party (travel agent, travel website, etc.), but I am not getting a timely response and/or cannot get the help I need. Can you help me?

Some travel industry businesses need more time than usual to meet all of the unprecedented customer service demands they are receiving during this difficult time. You can contact us at The Excellence Collection directly and we will be glad to liaise with our close partners to look into your rebooking.

Please pass along your relevant details (name, hotel, reservation number, and the company you used to book) and our team will follow up and hopefully accelerate a resolution for you. We are very glad to help!

You can contact us at

Can I cancel my existing reservation and make a new one through a different seller? I have already tried to reschedule through my original channel, but I am not getting a timely response and/or cannot get the help I need. 

We always recommend that you keep your existing reservation and work with your preferred agency, operator, or travel website to secure new options. This will make it easier to change your travel dates, the length of your stay, or your suite category, or even choose a different property from The Excellence Collection’s portfolio (with the corresponding changes in charges that could apply). 

Should you choose to switch sellers, we are happy to let you know that we only work with the most reputable travel companies worldwide, so you can compare and decide the best option for you. For a more detailed list of the most trusted partners, agencies, and distributors partnered with The Excellence Collection, please click here.

Keep in mind that when you keep your original reservation, you are protected and incentivized to rebook your trip so you can enjoy the dream vacation you had planned, with extra perks and the peace of mind that you can reschedule once again whenever you need. If you keep everything in your booking the same and only change the dates, we can honor your original rates and offer a series of additional benefits; see our rescheduling offers for 2020 and 2021 here. 


I have cancelled an upcoming trip that was already paid. When will I receive my refund?

Customer service teams are receiving an unprecedented number of requests, changes, and refunds due to the impact of the global emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19. Please bear in mind that at this time it is taking longer than usual to process refunds at most companies in the travel industry, and we are all doing our best to give you the best service possible. 

If you booked a stay directly with us, keep in mind that we use a manual refund process, not automated. You could receive your refund within a few days, or in some cases it could take up to 30 days or a bit longer. Please rest assured that your refund will be paid, but we must humbly ask for your patience while our small team makes its way through the queue.