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Behold! These Are 6 of The Best Beaches in The Caribbean!

Take a stroll through the tropical sands and discover the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean for you to enjoy during your next getaway.

A single country or destination can have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of beaches to choose from. Not to worry, I don't expect you to visit them all. Instead, you can take some of the top beaches from around the Caribbean islands and coastlines and simply visit the best places.

Whilst many beaches in the Caribbean are amazing, and you would surely enjoy yourself on many of them, I am going to give you a very short list of the top sandy spots for your next vacation.

Most beautiful Caribbean beaches for tourists

The best beaches in the Dominican Republic

When people think about the best and most stunning beaches from around the world, one spot is repeatedly mentioned for its pristine Caribbean sand, continuous winding coasts perfect for relaxing walks, and breathtaking views of the tropical island paradise. Yes, we are talking about the beaches in the Dominican Republic

Here are our top two selections for beaches on this lush and vibrant island…

1) Uvero Alto Beach - Punta Cana

If you search for the quietest or most secluded beach in Punta Cana or the Dominican Republic, you will most likely come across Uvero Alto beach. Known for its suitability for romantic moments, private unwinds, and an extremely tranquil ambiance, this beach has become a favorite spot for many. 

Since this tropical beach is located just alongside Excellence El Carmen, Excellence Punta Cana, and Finest Punta Cana, this is a really easy place to get to from the comfort of your resort. 

One of the best beaches in Punta Cana

2) Saona Island Beach - Cotubanamá National Park 

If you desire somewhere a bit further away from the main areas, you should head to the sands of Saona Island in the Cotubanama National Park for the day. Whilst you cannot find any accommodations here, it is an amazing place to experience for yourself and well worth the visit. 

This untouched oasis is famous for its use in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and its selection by the Caribbean Travel and Life magazine as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The top beaches to explore on Saona Island

The best beaches in Mexico

Whilst Mexico is famous for many extraordinary things, its west coast is especially well known for its beloved tourist attractions which first and foremost have to be its stunning beaches. With extraordinary white sands, the beaches are so loved here that when the Caribbean sand drifted away, people came and rebuilt the coastlines to continue having gorgeous white sands along their oceanfront. 

3) Puerto Morelos Beach - The Riviera Maya

Whilst Puerto Morelos does have some public access beaches in the main town, if you head slightly north you will find that the beach connects to more exclusive sands. One great aspect of the water around this Riviera Maya Beach is that it has very few rocks making it easy to swim. 

If you are staying in Excellence Riviera Cancun you will find that your section of beach is much more secluded than some of the other bigger and busier beaches. It is also a great starting place for your romantic strolls as you can go up or down that same stretch of sand all evening. 

Puerto Morelos beach areas in the Riviera Maya

4) Playa Mujeres Beach - Cancun

Just north of the busy Cancun Hotel Zone, Playa Mujeres Beach allows you to unwind in serenity. Across the water, you will see the protective barrier of Isla Mujeres which keeps this beach much tidier than some of the others along the coastline and makes this one of the best beaches in Cancun. 

If you are staying on these sands you can speak to your resort concierge in Beloved Playa Mujeres, Excellence Playa Mujeres, or Finest Playa Mujeres to organize a day trip to the island so that you can also enjoy their exclusive Isla Mujeres beaches. If you do so, make sure to try and visit the sands on the north side first. 

Playa Mujeres beach, one of the top beaches in Cancun

The best beaches in Jamaica

Whilst Cancun and Punta Cana have had a bigger spotlight over the years, Jamaica has some truly astounding beaches. They set the scene for James Bond and Treasure Island movies and are one of the main attractions of this feel good island. Let me show you a couple of my favorite places to unwind on the sand. 

5) Excellence Oyster Bay Beach - Montego Bay

Montego Bay is known more for its Luminous Lagoon, but this is truly one of the most unique beaches in the Caribbean due to its extreme seclusion. Exclusive to guests of Excellence Oyster Bay is a beach that surrounds the resort on a private peninsula. 

With the open ocean on one side and the glimmering lagoon on the other, Montego Bay Beach is a truly remarkable haven for adults who want to get away from the crowds and take some time to enjoy a tropical hideaway. What is more, if you book a Luxury Beach Villa you even get your own private section of the beach just for you. 

Man and woman walking on the Caribbean sands of Montego Bay beach

6) Doctors Cave Beach - Montego Bay

It is worth noting that Doctors Cave Beach can get a little busy, so it may not be a place to stay but it does make for a great day out. Often addressed as the island's best beach, it has a unique and interesting story about a British doctor who claimed that the waters had healing properties. 

But more than that, it is a fun environment to visit and a nice trip. Note that they do charge admission, so as well as organizing your transport from your resort in Excellence Oyster Bay, you would need to pay the entrance fee.  

Which beach should you visit next?

We have gone over just 6 of the many amazing beaches that the Caribbean has to offer. But which one should you go to next? While there are a ton of places that you should visit, and you shouldn't be afraid to explore several beach spots in different locations, the beach that you are really going to be using the most is the one that connects to your resort. 

So why not check out the All Inclusive resort options and see what their beaches look like? Find something that suits the sort of beachfront ambiance you are looking for and then book your beach lovers trip!

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