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The Excellence Collection cares about the planet we live on and all the people around us. Whether it comes to protecting the environment, helping the local areas surrounding our hotels and resorts, or providing a positive working atmosphere for our employees, we strive to be a good influence through our practices of Corporate Social Responsibility. In accordance with sustainable travel, our brand is working towards social and environmental impacts that can be grouped into three main areas.

With the goals of being eco-friendly and socially conscious, we continue to set new standards in all areas of the company in order to achieve the best results for our natural surroundings and community alike. Advanced health and safety protocols to care for guests’ wellbeing, extensive initiatives to support our dear staff, campaigns that directly impact the areas around our resorts, and a host of changes to become more ecologically responsible, have led us to become a top choice for socially conscious guests who want sustainable vacations.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

Protecting the planet by being environmentally conscious in our hotels and resorts

Environmental Sustainability

Our focus on Environmental Sustainability encompasses all of our initiatives designed to help our planet. Each of our hotels and resorts holds esteemed environmental certifications recognizing our green practices and commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. This includes programs throughout our operations such as sustainable energy usage, optimized waste management, water conservation, reforestation, and environmental training.

Sustainable practices within the hotels and resorts of The Excellence Collection

Social Sustainability

Our Social Sustainability programs allow us to contribute to the local communities surrounding our hotels and resorts and to support our dear employees. This includes our iconic Share The Love program where guests can donate items to local Caribbean children in need throughout the year and we also have educational programs for our staff, along with certifications like Great Place to Work®, and Forbes Best Employers. 

Showing care for both guests and staff at The Excellence Collection

Good Governance

The practices that make up our Good Governance show care for both our guests and staff. We constantly measure customer and employee satisfaction and our staff work hard to receive guest service awards every year, such as the AAA Diamond Awards, and the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards. In addition, thanks to our extensive protocols we have also received the Safe Travels badge and maintained many EarthCheck certifications.

Key Performance Indicators

Social Programs

In an effort to support the natural environment of our planet and the communities surrounding our resorts, The Excellence Collection has implemented heartwarming programs that include our guests in the Corporate Social Responsibility of our company.

We are proud to share two of the current programs that we have in place as part of our commitment to making the world around us a better place. These initiatives make it possible for us all to make a difference through simple acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and care for the people and places around us.

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