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The Excellence Collection has dedicated Green Teams in each of its hotels and resorts that are committed to protecting the environment and making all our operations more sustainable for the planet and the life that surrounds us. These Green Teams implement new strategies as well as our environmental management system so that we can minimize our ecological footprint and encourage others to take positive action for our natural world. 

Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency and minimizing our use of fossil fuels can lower greenhouse gas emissions and pollution that are harmful to our world.

The Excellence Collection takes action by automating multiple systems to shut off when not in use in all of our properties, switching to energy saving LED lighting, purchasing equipment with environmental guarantee seals, cogenerateing thermal energy from Natural Gas, and using residual heat to save on LP gas. 

Via these methods and more, we have been able to use less energy throughout our operations. In addition, we continue to make huge advancements towards a sustainable energy model and currently use 90% green energy in our operations in Mexico.

Using green energy in Mexico for hotels and resorts

Water Usage

Water conservation to care for this valuable planetary resource

Through positive actions and organization as well as being conscious of how much fresh water we use in our day to day operations we can keep more of it in our ecosystem for natural habitats and lessen both our carbon footprint and energy use. 

We know it is important so conserve water and have made sure to integrate low consumption equipment, water saving amenities, water recovery systems for irrigation, optimal laundry operations, and a sustainable source of our water. 

We also invite everyone to use water responsibly and to be conscious of how precious this natural resource truly is. 

Waste Management

It is essential to manage all waste and resources effectively in order to reduce the amount of waste that is discarded, protect our environment from contamination and toxic effects, and encourage permaculture.

As part of the circular economy plan, we have implemented strategies for the optimization of waste management. This includes reusing and recycling items, classification of materials and products, and the use of biodegradable cleaning chemicals.

We have multiple waste management programs that both our staff and their families are invited to join as well as our ongoing “Say No to Plastic” campaign that has eliminated many single use plastics from our hotels and resorts.

Removing single use plastics from the Caribbean helps protect the oceans

Biodiversity Protection

The incredible biodiversity of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Biodiversity has become one of the great challenges that faces humanity and a major cause of this is climate change because it changes the structure of ecosystems. It provides us with clean air, fresh water, good quality soil, and crop pollination making it one of the earth's strongest natural defenses and an essential component to protect. 

We are aware that our planet needs help and as such we have created ecological parks, nurseries, and chefs gardens in our hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. Additionally, we take action through reforestation activities and regular beach and mangrove cleanings which help safeguard the environment around us.  

The Excellence Collection contributes to a sustainable future by promoting actions to protect the planet.

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