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The practices of our Good Governance show care for our guests and staff. We constantly review both customer and employee satisfaction and our staff works hard to obtain guest service awards every year, such as the AAA Diamond Awards, and the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards. In addition, thanks to our extensive health and safety protocols we have also received the Safe Travels badge, and thanks to our environmental responsibility we have maintained many Eartcheck certifications.

Policies and protocols

It is extremely important to us to ensure welfare through everything we do. As such, we have incorporated strict security, health, and safety protocols to protect everyone within our hotels and resorts and have obtained the Safe Travels Badge. 

Our carefully created systems promote safety through dedicated supervision and regular staff training, we aim to do our best in every situation in line with our guidelines and local legislation.

The Excellence Collection’s hotels and resorts carry out annual evaluations of health and safety systems, schedule inspections, and ensure that they have correct permissions, demonstrating our commitment to seeking a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. 

The Excellence Collection policies and protocols keep everyone safe

Efficient solutions

The Excellence Collection working hard to come up with the most effective way of doing things

Part of our Good Governance is finding the best way to do things to make operations more efficient, benefiting both our staff and guests at the same time. This goes in line with our Innovative Curation where we constantly strive to improve our facilities, amenities, and services with the best possible enhancements.

By focusing on efficiency we provide a better vacation experience, a more enjoyable work environment, and a more sustainable business model that has a smaller ecological footprint and a long lasting future. 

Every part of our operations, equipment, and technology is in constant review in order to ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness and reaching our full potential at any given time. 

Equity and inclusivity

We develop an environment of trust through equality, inclusion, and diversity within The Excellence Collection family and our Gender Equity and Non-Discrimination Policy serves as a guide for a respectful working atmosphere. 

Our efforts have gained recognition by Great Place To Work® and Forbes as one of the top employers in Mexico and our staff feedback shows a very high standard of contentment and a steady increase in employee satisfaction.

Equity and inclusivity for everyone to enjoy in The Excellence Collection


Staff reporting in The Excellence Collection operations

Detailed and thorough reports allow us to manage all aspects of our systems, operations, and actions with intricate precision. This information is used to analyze how we can enhance our guest experiences, improve personal and work life for our staff, and become more efficient and sustainable as a company.

Through daily records and monthly reports, we are able to see how we can make better use of our resources, what can be done in accordance with our sustainable development goals, and what changes would benefit everyone both inside and outside our properties in the Caribbean. 

We have annual Action Plans and yearly strategies that are developed for our dedicated teams.


The Excellence Collection believes in being socially and environmentally responsible. Through staff evaluations, we are held accountable for the care and respect with which we treat our employees, and through numerous review platforms and direct feedback our guests keep us appraised of each individual experience that they enjoy

In addition, our long lasting dedication to the EarthCheck program keeps our hotels and resorts continually striving to become more ecologically friendly, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable. 

With internal and external inspections and constant review of our practices, The Excellence Collection holds itself to the highest standard of Infinite Excellence in all our operations. 

Brand Accountability in The Excellence Collection

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