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How to Pick The Best All Inclusive Resort For a Destination Wedding in Paradise!

See how to choose the best All Inclusive wedding resort for your big day with this comprehensive guide to picking the perfect wedding in the Caribbean

Your blissful big day in the Caribbean can be done in a variety of different ways. You get to choose the ambiance, the guest list, the venues, and a host of other things that when put together will create your perfect wedding celebration.

But one of the most essential decisions that you will have to make is choosing from among the best All Inclusive wedding resorts. For example, should you select that sophisticated adults-only retreat or book your wedding in a place that accepts guests of all ages? Does each resort offer the same wedding inclusions at the same price? What about the wedding venue options?

Journey with us as we answer these important questions and help you make the best decision for your big day. 

What kind of ambiance do you want to create?

The ambiance is the atmosphere and mood of the occasion. You may want to consider what sort of celebration you are looking to enjoy. For instance, if you are wanting to have a family-friendly setting where fun, excitement, and jubilant entertainment are the focal points of your day, then an all-ages resort like Finest Punta Cana may be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you are thinking more about cocktails, dancing, and more grown-up activities that go long into the night for a day that lasts as long as possible, an adult-only All Inclusive resort like Excellence El Carmen may be the most suitable place for your wedding.

Tropical ambiance for a beach wedding in an All Inclusive resort

The ambiance not only depends on the type of resort but also the destination. Have a look at the surrounding areas, the culture, and the atmosphere, and see what fits the feel that you are looking to create. 

Who are you inviting to your wedding?

Next, you need to consider the guest list. Whether you are inviting family or friends, it needs to be taken into account the ages of all those involved. Maybe you want to invite a couple of friends but they have younger ones with them. Would they be willing to go without them or would it be appropriate depending on the ages? 

This requires careful thought and planning. Based on the ages of the guests that you wish to invite and those who may want or need to accompany them, your decision can become more apparent and you book an all-ages resort. On the other hand, if there are only 1 or 2 families with underage guests, you may decide to remove them from your guest list so that you can choose an adult resort and you can instead invite those who cannot come via video conferencing methods. 

Wedding guests celebrating in an adults only resort

The resort you select may also have a different price range for both the transport to get there and the stay in the suites. This is important because not all guests have the same financial circumstances. This can sometimes work to your advantage however if you are looking to reduce your extensive guest list.  

Which wedding venues do you prefer?

Wedding venues mean a lot. These are the locales that will set the scene for the moments that will live on in your memory forever. For this step, it is important that you do your research and check out the different options available in each destination wedding resort. 

Even if you have already chosen one style of All Inclusive getaway you may change your mind once you see the venues available in another resort. Sometimes, you find a spot that just seems perfect for your day, and all the other details fade away into unimportance. 

A perfect wedding venue in Finest Punta Cana resort

All Inclusive wedding venues not only depend on their existence in a specific resort but also on their availability for the dates that you are trying to book. So make sure that you check your wedding package and discuss the available dates with your wedding coordinator so that you can be sure to get the picture-perfect paradise of your dreams. 

How much is a wedding at an All Inclusive resort?

Between, traveling to the ideal wedding destination, buying the perfect dress, and putting all the pieces together, prices can easily build up. Therefore, it is essential to get a comprehensive wedding package that includes as much as possible to minimize your overall costs. 

All Inclusive resorts are great at this but it should be noted that even if you are looking at packages amongst neighboring resorts, the inclusions of each resort and the actual price of the wedding package can vary greatly.

This should therefore help you narrow down your search for the best All Inclusive wedding resort as you compare the value for money based on their package cost and inclusions. 

Bride getting ready in a resort bridal suite

Where will you be staying for your honeymoon?

Another factor to consider is the location of your honeymoon. Do you want to stay in the same resort where you are getting married or do you want to stay somewhere else nearby? The answer to this question is key to knowing where it would be best to have your wedding. 

This of course invites you to consider a host of other questions regarding the ambiance, suites, setting, and overall plan for your honeymoon. Because however important your big day is, the days or weeks that follow with your other half are equally so. 

Make sure that your wedding plans work well in conjunction with your honeymoon so that once your big day comes to a close you can easily get to where you need to be. 

Couple enjoying their honeymoon in the same resort as their wedding

Choose your favorite wedding paradise! 

So, have you made a decision? After you and your partner sit down and examine the ambiance, guest list, venues, wedding packages, and honeymoon options the choice should become clear. 

If you choose to have an inclusive wedding where friends and family of any age can attend, you may wish to look through the various options at Finest Resorts.

Or, alternatively, if you have come to the conclusion that an adults-only haven is the most ideal solution for your ultimate wedding in the Caribbean then you can check out Excellence Resorts

However, if you are still having doubts, or you are not completely sure which type of resort would best suit your needs, you can contact a wedding expert so that they can walk you through the options available and help you select the destination resort to suit your desires.

May your big day be everything you dream of and more!

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