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The Green Energy Goals of Our Corporate Social Responsibility in Our Mexican Resorts

Have a gander at green energy, how it promotes sustainability, and which resorts you can visit in Mexico as an environmentally conscious traveler.

In Beloved Playa Mujeres, Excellence Playa Mujeres, Excellence Riviera Cancun, and Finest Playa Mujeres, The Excellence Collection has been working hard to steadily increase its usage of green energy in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. 

But what does that really mean? How is this accomplished and how does it change the overall vacation experience in these Mexican retreats?

Let us examine the answers to all of these questions so you can see exactly what is going on in these renowned high end resorts and hotels.

What exactly is green energy?

Green energy is what is also often referred to as renewable energy. This is a type of energy that can be acquired and used using natural resources that are easily replenished without long term harm to the environment.

Protecting the natural resources of our planet with green energy

Common examples of green energy include wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal power. Though all of these work in different ways they all make use of the natural elements around us through turbines, panels, or some other device to capture energy for safe and sustainable use. 

The difference between green energy and various other types of energy is that green energy cannot produce pollution and cannot use vital resources that are not easily restored. This means that green energy is the best kind of power for our planet, our environment, and for continued use. 

Why is green energy important?

With the negative impact of fossil fuels, green energy provides an eco friendly alternative that does not harm our world or the people around us. Since it releases far fewer fossil fuels and greenhouse gases it makes itself not just a great solution for the environment but also for the people and animals that breathe in this air. 

Sustainable travel in the Caribbean that cares for the environment

Green energy also allows places to have an independent source of power making them much more stable and much more likely to have continued energy even when local sources are disrupted. 

How green is The Excellence Collection? 

Over the years, The Excellence Collection has been working hard to replace the standard forms of power in our Mexican resorts with pure green energy. It remains our goal to be able to make all of these resorts run on 100% renewable energy that is green and clean. 

This is how each of our Cancun and Riviera Maya resorts did in 2022.

  • Beloved Playa Mujeres reports 91% usage of green energy.
  • Excellence Playa Mujeres reports over 91% usage of green energy. 
  • Excellence Riviera Cancun reports over 88% usage of green energy.   
  • Finest Playa Mujeres reports 91% usage of green energy.    

Overall, our Mexican resorts accumulate an average of over 90% green energy usage for 2022. Whilst that number is very high indeed, we look forward to being able to have all of these properties continue in their green energy goals. 

Does green energy impact your vacation?

When you are at any of these resorts using the facilities, the lights, the electronic devices, or anything else that requires power, everything will continue to work as it should meaning that you still get to enjoy all the luxurious amenities and offerings of your All Inclusive vacation.

However, the difference is that you can set your mind at ease when you turn the lights on, you can rest easy when you sit in the hot tub or use the gym equipment, and you can truly enjoy an escape knowing that your delightful relaxation and perfect pampering is not largely impacting the environment.

Using gym equipment in Excellence Resorts with green energy

As an environmentally conscious traveler, you can enjoy a sustainable vacation in any of our Mexican resorts. 

Other factors of our corporate social responsibility

Now you know a little bit more about the green energy goals of The Excellence Collection in our Mexican resorts, you may be wondering about our other achievements and goals in connection with our corporate social responsibility. 

Rest assured that much more information is to come and through our blogs of Beloved Hotels, Excellence Resorts, and Finest Resorts, as well as our LinkedIn page we will continue to discuss all the different factors of our corporate social responsibility and how we aim to care for our planet, our staff, our guests and our communities. 

Whether talking about Earthcheck achievements, energy saving, waste management, reforestation, staff training, local impact, or one of our many other focuses on environmental and social consciousness, The Excellence Collection will continue to strive towards good governance and sustainable practices. 

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