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What Does it Mean to Share The Love With The Excellence Collection?

Come and find out how you can Share The Love on vacation, what happened after the hurricane in Punta Cana, and how this ongoing campaign went this year.

There are many ways in which all of us can Share The Love with those around us. With each act of kindness or generosity, you can contribute to a better world where even the less fortunate children have a reason to smile. 

Keep reading and find out exactly what the ongoing Share The Love campaign is all about and how you can be a part of this wonderful initiative for the children of the Caribbean. Are you ready to bring some joy with you on your next vacation? 

Vacation donations for the children of the Caribbean

How Share The Love began

The Excellence Collection has always been focused on bringing joy, satisfaction, and Extraordinary Moments to its guests through luxurious offerings, expansive suites, and an overall above the curve paradise vacation. 

Alongside this, we also care deeply about our hardworking staff who provide Infinite Excellence to our guests day after day and we do our best to make sure that they get the recognition and attention that they deserve. 

However, the corporate social responsibility of The Excellence Collection goes beyond the boundaries of our resorts. It has been our desire to not only make those who stay with us infinitely more happy but to extend those smiles to those who live in the areas surrounding our resorts. 

Thus an initiative began back in 2015 where we invite all of our guests to join us and Share The Love. 

Corporate social responsibility of The Excellence Collection

What does Share The Love do?

The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate children of the Caribbean in the areas near our properties in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, and Montego Bay. This is accomplished thanks to the kindhearted gifts from our guests, our staff's loving labor, and various donations distributed to the kids throughout the year. 

Here is how it works…

First, we collect all the gifts from our guests at each resort until we have enough to give to all the children at the designated foundation.  If we have enough donations within the year, we may celebrate with the children several times a year, giving them all the supplies, games, and toys they need. 

However, the big occasion is saved until the end of the year when our greatest accumulation of guest kindness awaits the Caribbean kids with an amazing event during the holiday season. This can include a party for the children, with group games, music, dancing, gifts, cake, and much more.

By adding the donated items from each loving guest, we have been able to create a time for the kids where they can play, have a good time, receive something nice and spend the day smiling. This year was no exception. Our dedicated staff from all of our resorts went ahead during the holidays to organize parties with a whole host of fun and games for the kids to enjoy, and all the generous gifts from our guests were handed out to each of the children.

What was Share The Love For Punta Cana?

Though our properties suffered no major damages as a result of Hurricane Fiona in the Dominican Republic, on the weekend of September 17th, there are many nearby communities that had gone through difficult times. 

As such, many kindhearted guests wanted to help the people of Punta Cana, and so The Excellence Collection made a new temporary campaign to Share The Love for Punta Cana where we multiplied the impact of all the donations received for a selected period adding to all the guest's generosity. 

Many chose to bring non-perishable goods, mosquito nets, personal hygiene products, clothing, sheets, towels, and school supplies to Excellence Punta Cana, Excellence El Carmen, and Finest Punta Cana after the hurricane in Punta Cana. 

Share The Love for Punta Cana

The Excellence Collection, in turn, received the donations and delivered them to the most affected communities in the area.  In addition, for each donation per suite that we received, we allocated $100 USD to "AEA Solidaria", an NGO focused on the welfare and education of the children in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Donations in the Dominican Republic

You can still Share The Love!

Every time you prepare for a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean, you can also take this opportunity to Share The Love. All you need to do is bring some school supplies, games, toys, plush toys, puzzles, or quality clothes with you to your tropical destination. 

Then, you just take your gift to the reception desk when you arrive at one of Beloved Hotels, Excellence Resorts, or Finest Resorts, and there, the resort concierge will accept your donation for the children. You can even have your photo taken with your gift for social media and in return for your generosity, the resort will give you a $100 certificate that you can use during your next visit.

Bring your gifts to your All Inclusive Resort

Giving to others is a wonderful way to start off your tropical getaway with good feelings and warm sentiments for those around you. By the time you finish your relaxation in paradise, you will be able to find comfort in your own joy and the additional happiness that you were able to give to the children nearby.

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