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The Excellence Collection formalizes sustainable credits from BBVA for properties in Mexico

The Excellence Collection formalizes its first and largest financial stride to set in motion a plan that adheres to a more responsible and sustainable concept of hospitality.

These funds, referred to as Green Credits, will be financed by BBVA Mexico - a leading institution that encourages and enables bio-friendly solutions in tourism - and will be focused on the improvement of the environmental, social, and governance performance (ESG) at our adults-only property, Excellence Playa Mujeres; the all-ages, Finest Playa Mujeres; and the couples-only, Beloved Playa Mujeres.

“The industry is constantly changing and while we expand our brand across the Caribbean, we make it a priority to proceed with the environment always in mind. Our commitment to Infinite Excellence transcends our services to also become a source of motivation for competitors to pursue sustainable hospitality”. Stated Domingo Aznar, VP of Sales & Marketing for The Excellence Collection.

Each of our benefited resorts will undergo a thorough annual evaluation to measure the evolution of all performance indicators established in the agreement. Among the key factors to be assessed will be compliance with the highest international standards pertaining to greenhouse gases and certification protocols. There will be short, medium, and long-term goals in place that will also help stimulate the development and growth of local communities where our aforementioned properties operate. 

“We support one of the most important clients in the tourism sector so that they can continue to develop their capabilities in favor of the environment through these credits. ” Commented Alejandro Cárdenas Bortoni, Director of Corporate, Government, Mortgage, and Automotive Banking at BBVA Mexico.

In 2020 The Excellence Collection announced the elimination of single-use plastic products at all its properties as an ecological solution through the campaign - Say "No" To Plastic -, considerably reducing the impact on the environment.

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