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Learn About The Great Place to Work Certification in The Excellence Collection

What do you know about the GPTW certification? Find out what it means to have this workplace recognition and what surveys are involved.

Have you heard of the GPTW certification? You may have recently heard the news that The Excellence Collection has once again been awarded this prestigious recognition. But what is it really all about? What does the Great Place To Work certification indicate about a company? And why should it matter?

Come along as we show you all the ins and outs of this organization that strives to raise the standards of excellence in the workplace. 

What is the GPTW certification?

The Great Place to Work certification is a recognition of a positive working environment and a brand that truly cares about its employees. This certification is given to companies within a ranked category within each region to show who is really providing a positive workplace culture.

Lady making drinks in a great place to work

This not only helps those searching for work to find the best employment opportunities in the brands that will treat them the best, and that have a clearly defined healthy business culture, but it also helps consumers choose socially sustainable options.

By setting the example through good governance and mindful care, The Excellence Collection is a recurring receiver of the GPTW certification. This goes to show that the warm attention that the brand is known for is not limited to its guests and that the staff within these Mexican All Inclusive resorts truly enjoy their work-life balance. 

How does the GPTW survey work?

So who decides if a company qualifies for this certification? And what are they looking for? According to GPTW, they measure how much trust there is within the company, and how consistent the employee experience is. So… what does that mean?

Basically, the GPTW organization goes to each company and speaks to the employees who work there whether they are new in the company or have been there for many years. They get them to do a Great Place to Work trust index survey which involves answering 60 statements with a five-point scale and a couple of extra open-ended questions. 

Smiling man working in the gardens of a resort

The five aspects that they seek to measure are as follows…

  1. Credibility of leaders
  2. Fairness of leaders
  3. Respect of leaders
  4. Pride in the workplace
  5. Sense of belonging among colleagues

This survey truly gets to the core of how the employees generally feel about their work environment no matter whether it is positive or negative. Their answers are between them and Great Place To Work surveyors which empowers them to be honest and open about their true workplace experiences without fear of repercussions. 

How GPTW certifications were acquired

The first steps to The Excellence Collection earning a GPTW certification began with valuing the workplace experience for each member of staff. After prioritizing employee satisfaction, and requesting an evaluation, multiple employees from the brand's Mexican hotels and resorts are interviewed and questioned about their working environment.  This is the GPTW survey that we mentioned earlier. 

Great place to work certification

After carefully comparing the employee feedback against the information gathered from the company and the high standards set by the Great Place to Work criteria, The Excellence Collection proudly received recognition as a brand that cared for its staff as much as its guests.

GPTW has made the rankings fair by dividing companies into different categories depending on how many employees they have, and once again, The Excellence Collection was listed in the category of 500-5000 based on the average number of people the company employs in Mexico. 

What this means for The Excellence Collection

Not only does The Excellence Collection get a lot of awards based on guest reviews, but it repeatedly ranks among the top companies to work for year after year in Mexico. This shows that as a brand The Excellence Collection provides a pleasant and respectful working environment for their teams and that the employees enjoy and appreciate their place of business. 

Women working in The Excellence Collection, a great place to work

Good governance creates a workplace environment where each staff member is treated like a part of a larger family, and where mutual respect and understanding unite to create a positive ambiance of productivity. 

Research done by Great Place to Work shows that companies that respect the work-life balance of their employees and receive GPTW recognitions like The Excellence Collection outperform other brands and organizations in several ways. It means that the company can enjoy:

  1. The best employees in the business through recruitment. After all, every person wants to be employed by someone who will treat them fairly and respectfully.
  2. Improved staff retention within the company. The enjoyable environment means that staff stay with the brand for longer.
  3. More experienced and capable teams. As a direct result of employee retention, staff can be trained for longer and acquire more knowledge and expertise.
  4. Higher work productivity and performance. People who enjoy what they do and who they are doing it with are more likely to do their best in any given task.

Overall, creating a great place to work, is key to making a great company, and a great place for guests. This works in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility of The Excellence Collection and a strong commitment to sustainable development. 

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